Pet-Friendly Farm Holiday Resort


A stay at our farm holiday resort offers a unique opportunity for your children to get closer to nature, to develop their love and respect for it, and to learn not just about the natural rhythms of our Tuscan countryside, but about its animals at first hand. While staying at our Farm Holiday Resort near Pistoia, you will have a chance to meet all our two-legged and four-legged friends!

Our sweetheart Amy, a black mongrel bitch who joined our family some years ago. She has a very gentle temperament and is very quiet and reserved, but always welcomes a pat from the children, be they young or old, who are staying with us.

Schizzo and Seppia are two fine horses: mother and son have two very different characters. Schizzo is a bit of a young hothead, while dearest Seppia is much more amiable and, even though it may sound like a strange thing to say about a horse, she has a very kind disposition. Both of them would be delighted if, when you stop by their ‘cottage’, you feel like offering them a little hay... there’s always some at hand in their stable.

Biagio is our cat and, like a lot of his kind, he is rather independent-minded. But he’s always ready for a stroke from anyone crossing his path.

And finally our hens ... a numerous flock of two-legged ladies rummaging about in our hen run. They always have a supply of fresh grass to peck and a fresh patch of land to explore in search of those insects they find so delicious. The eggs they bring us - which you are free to take - are particularly good and are the genuine article!

Barbicaio farm holiday resort has always been pet-friendly and is the perfect destination for a children’s holiday with animals. Your pets are not just ‘allowed’; they are positively welcome!

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