Pistoia is the ideal city for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in a typical Tuscan atmosphere: with its fusion of history, nature and fine food, Pistoia is a veritable paradise for lovers of art and of local traditions.
Its geographic location, situated between Pisa, Lucca and Florence, makes it an important junction for those taking on a grand tour of Tuscany.
Pistoia rises at the foot of the Apennines and is Roman in origin.
The fascination of this city has been hymned by poets and authors, bestowing on Pistoia the title of ‘city of enchanted stone’, and ‘city of broad ways and fine churches’.
The historic centre offers visitors the chance to get stuck into an itinerary rich in churches, cloisters, palaces and monuments, bearing witness to a vigorous medieval and baroque past.
The whole historic centre revolves around the very central Piazza del Duomo, unquestionably one of Italy’s finest squares.
No less rich in historic and artistic traces are the provincial municipalities and historic villages, from the villages of Montalbano to the distinctive hamlets set in the green hills of the ‘Pesciatine Switzerland’ or in the shade of mountain parish churches.
The historic villages, parish churches and fortresses bordering the city are all of outstanding beauty, containing one of the world’s major collections of land art (at Fattoria di Celle farm).
The Province of Pistoia is, then, a corner of Tuscany where you can spend unforgettable holidays in environments that are picturesque while retaining their authenticity intact. Among panoramic heights and gentle hills, among nature reserves and protected areas, the traveller will encounter fine woodlands of oak and chestnut, beech and pine, lakes, vales, hillocks tended like gardens, olive groves and vineyards that have stood for centuries, part of a land-based civilisation that is still alive and flourishing.
The colours and flavours of this land can be sampled in the many country fêtes held throughout the year in both large and small venues, in which a wide range of traditional local products are on offer.

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